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                How to protect workers in high temperature


                How to protect workers in high temperature

                Due to high temperature weather and heat from process of production, sometimes, temperature in factory up to 50 degrees. In this environment, workers still work hard under protections from a series of measures and regulations:

                1.?Strictly forbid working overtime.

                During this high temperature weather, all workers are forbidden to work overtime for safety.

                2.?Extend lunch time and break time.

                Extend 1 hour for lunch time to avoid the highest temperature in daytime and increase two break times for better adjustment.

                3.?Serve cold drinks and salt soda.

                Serve cold drinks and salt soda all day for workers to supply?the?moisture?ad?sodium?chloride?of?their?bodies.

                4.?Open doors and Windows for natural ventilation.

                Open all doors and windows and reduce products accumulation to increase the circulation of natural wind.

                5.?Increase the number of fans without affecting production.

                Add fan settings except where high temperature machining and stable environment are required.

                6.?The group leader checks the physical condition of the workers regularly.

                The group leader must check their members’?physical conditions for every 45 minuets.

                7.?Arrange emergency medical kits and emergency vehicles.

                Emergency medical kits are prepared for every group and the emergency vehicle is ready all day.

                In such hot environment, workers still dedicate themselves to work. From the bottom of my heart: Thanks for your hard work!

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