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                The hidden function of wire rack -- floral rack


                The hidden function of wire rack -- floral rack

                Green plants cannot pile up at will, a lot of people also do not like flowerpot to contact the floor directly, especially indoor, flowerpot can cause harm to the floor, water spots and mud be also can harm a floor and that are hard to be cleared. So people choose the suitable floral rack for plants, and now more and more people choose wire rack as a floral rack, let's see why.

                First of all, compared with wooden floral rack, wire floral rack can resist the natural conditions relatively strong, no matter it is outdoor or indoor, wire floral rack will not be affected, so it improves its durability. No matter because of the climate precipitation or daily watering, the floral rack usually touches water, wire floral rack not only rust prevention, but also the design of its mesh can make the floral rack keep dry and ventilated, that is conducive to plant growth. Secondly, compared with other floral racks, wire floral racks have stronger stability and greater load-bearing capacity which avoiding the fracture of floral racks caused by the weight of flowerpots and soil. And a variety of surface treatment can make wire racks more beautiful, adapt to a variety of environments.Finally, wire floral racks is worn can disassemble at will, can satisfy all sorts of space, also convenient to storage.


                What else do you know the hidden function of wire rack?

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